Architecture Photography and Interior Photography

Another big part of my work as a photographer is Architectural and Interior Photography. Working closely with several high quality Cornwall based interior design agencies on client projects. As well as exclusive holiday homes and lettings companies, to capture quality interior and exterior photographs for marketing and promotional use.

This is another part of my repertoire that I really enjoy. Photographing interiors can be a challenge and require the help of a small team of people, including stylists and general dogs bodies to help move stuff around. A really good photograph takes time to get right. Starting with composing the furniture to make a pleasing composition, then styling the room with flowers, books, objet d’art even lighting the fire and smoothing the curtains. Lighting the shoot comes third whilst taking several photographs which will be merged together later in post production. It’s not a simple process to get right, but with sufficient time, really good results can be accomplished.

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