Exploring the Hebrides – Travel Photography

Travel photography in the Wilds of Scotland.

Waking up on the waters of the Scottish Hebrides whilst crewing on expeditions yacht Zuza. A proper adventure, exploring Scotland, it’s Lochs and sniffing out some whisky.

This wasn’t work it was more of a holiday, of sorts. We were there to do some snagging on Zuza before she was tucked up for the winter. But in-between the small amounts of work we sailed from Oban to Loch na Droma Buidhe, sailing along the coast of the Isle of Mull. Visiting Loch Aline and Tobermory along the way.

We swam in the chilly waters, ate delicious vegan cuisine, drank wine and did a bit of sailing. The weather was temperamental for us but it graced us with some clear skies, sunny days and beautiful sunsets. Truly blessed, a great experience. Thank you to Charlie and Cass, Em (master chef), Nicky, Uncle Alan and the mini crew Jess and Sophie. xxx

If you fancy your own Scottish Hebrides adventure on Zuza, you can board her at Venture Sail