My name is Anthony (Ant). I have been working in the creative industries since my fine art days at Sheffield Hallam University. Not specifically in photography, but in art, design and marketing. Working with Interior designers, product designers, artists, graphic designers and all the industries they service.

My role as a photographer has been reinforced by my passion as a image maker. It is a form of creativity that never lets up, there is always new techniques to learn and in learning there is so much to do. The very nature of photography means that the more you learn the more detailed your photographs become. Hopefully on the outside it all looks seamless and the results speak for them selves.

What I love about the art of photography, is that it has taught me to look, with looking it has taught me to see. To see something does not involve a camera. The camera is a tool to capture what you see.

Feel free to give me a call, I am really happy to discuss your project.

07966 389202

Portrait Anthony Greenwood