Greetings, I’m Anthony, often known as Ant. My journey in the creative industries began during my fine art days at Sheffield Hallam University, where I immersed myself not only in photography but also in art, design, and marketing. Collaborating with interior designers, product designers, artists, and graphic designers allowed me to explore various facets of these interconnected industries.

While my background is diverse, my role as a photographer is fueled by my unwavering passion as an image maker. The realm of creativity within photography is boundless, with ever-evolving techniques to master and endless opportunities for growth. Embracing this constant learning process, I find that the very essence of photography lies in the pursuit of refining one’s skills, resulting in increasingly intricate and compelling photographs. Ideally, the seamless appearance of the final outcome is a testament to the dedication poured into each frame.

I invite you to connect and discuss your project; I’m more than happy to explore how my skills can contribute to bringing your creative vision to life. Feel free to reach out at 07966 389202.