Caterlink’s Sprinkles Shot

Making the Caterlink’s Sprinkles Shot

This was a fun day. Absolute and I were tasked with recreating the new Caterlink logo in sprinkles and photographing it. The image was going to take pride of place on the front of their catalogue. We worked out a suitable method to stick the sprinkles down, this took a few attempts which included glues and tapes etc. Having the sprinkles jogged half way through would have been disastrous.

It was such a great thing to do we decided that it warranted a short film. The build was set up underneath an iPad which was clamped to a light stand. Yasmin (the star of the show) then pulled up her sleeves…

Absolute put the short film together, sorry about the Christmas music.

Check it out! Sprinkles away…

Final image with some adjustments to colours, to fall in line with the new brand colours.

Client Caterlink Designers Absolute

Caterlink’s Sprinkles Shot