GX Pillows

Working with Jonathan of LinedUp (Shopify experts) Helena and I were commissioned to create a set of images to help re-launch GX Pillows. The intended use was for the company websites and campaigns in the UK, Europe and the US. Since the 2017 Winter launch the pillow have appeared on ITV3, SKY and QVC.

It was a bit of a tight deadline but between Helena and I we managed to hire a fantastic cottage from Cornish Holiday Cottages called the Sail Loft. A beautiful model, Emma Skinner. She did an amazing job. Helena sorted out a car load of props, which was a logistical masterpiece. We pulled it together, shot and turned around the images in two days. I had to sit down after that one. It was all worth it as the client was very over the moon.

I need to mention the pillows. A pillow is a pillow, right… not anymore. Go and check out what founder and designer Alexander Miles has created at GX Pillows. All I can say is that these pillows are amazing.