Sea Edge by Kast Architects

Sea Edge is architecture to die for. Photographing this house on the wild coasts of Cornwall was a dream. It has stunning shapes, beautiful details and an amazing location, we also had the best weather, which made this place dance.

I was commissioned by Kast Architects, a relatively young company headed up by Nick James. Successfully finding their feet with this building, and hopefully many more contemporary designs to come.

There is one memory I come back too time and again… ‘Seated in the lounge looking out at the framed horizon, which was a perfect horizontal blue line, where sea and sky met. Nothing else broke the view, and all that could be heard was the sound of the sea breaking over the rocks far below’. That was a heavenly moment and it is a memory I conjure up regularly.

Interior design by 3idog.

The photographs have been featured in Grand Designs Magazine and Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine, where one made the front cover.