Two days with Skinflint – I had the privilege of spending two days with Skinflint. These guys are old Sheffield Hallam University friends of mine, who started life in the arts and product design world. Chris and Sophie developed Skinflint quite a few years ago. It is now flourishing and supplying their beautiful lights to national architectural and interior projects.

The photography project was born out of a desire that Chris and Sophie had, to showcase some of the processes that their products go through before they are ready for sale.

We spent the two days moving around the team and photographing the guys working through the various processes. From the initial disassembly and inspection work, bespoke fabrication and cleaning to powder coating and polishing. Every individual light goes through a lot of hands before it is ready.

I have included a small collection from the shoot here. If you would like to check out Skinflint and their fantastic lights, please pop over to

Two days with Skinflint