Interior Photography

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Interior Photography & Architectural Photography for Hotels.

I have been working on perfecting my interior and architectural photography, in particular improving the lighting and detail of the final image. I have developed a technique to add additional lighting to areas of the image, which due to the natural and internal lighting are still dark/underexposed. My additional lighting aids the overall image by balancing the brightness across the whole image. The light also adds detail into the areas of darkness that would otherwise be unseen.


Image of room with balanced exposure for the room and detail out of the window (image above). This image is obviously too dark to use, but just lightening it (as with the image below) would improve the light in the interior but any brighter areas would become overexposed.


A rare photograph of me working around the room with flash in hand, lighting elements of the room as I go. The camera is also triggered from its set location, as I move around.


Moving around the room in this manner allows for a collection of working photographs which will later be imported in to Photoshop. When working through the photographs and taking the lighter areas only, a balanced and detailed photograph appears. With final adjustments, colour balancing, cleaning up of creased sheets, cleaning up the carpets and wear-and-tear marks, and other Photoshop magic… the image is complete, please see below.


For more before and after images please see the gallery below.