The Isles of Scilly

A dream job for any photographer is to get over to the Isles of Scilly and take some pictures. Wolf Rock Marketing offered me the opportunity to do just that.

The shoot was directed by Phil Gendall of Wolf Rock, who accompanied me on the three day job. We caught a flight out on the Friday afternoon and started shooting 30 minutes after landing on St Mary’s. We pretty much carried on like that for the next three days. Catching jet boats over to the islands of Bryer and Tresco, liaising with models and members of the Island Partnership team (the client).

The shoot covered lifestyle photography for the marketing brochure, including food, walking, bird watching, relaxing, family and water sports. The weather was 50/50 but we made it work. It was really well organised and as such ran smoothly. The brochure will come out for the 2016 season. Cannot wait to see it.

Those who have been to the Islands know that they really do not need a hard sale, for you guys that haven’t made it over, I could not recommend it enough. Just book early if you want to go peak season, it’s super popular.