The Jungle Brothers

I had the greatest opportunity to experience the Jungle Brothers firsthand in my home town of Falmouth. You might be thinking “who are the Jungle Brothers?”… they happen to be a critically acclaimed all American Hip Hop group founded in the mid 80’s, who are still more than capable of tearing it up.

Now, my music tastes have been wide and varied and has at times include Hip Hop, and the Jungle Brothers opened up my ears to the possibilities of Hip Hop with a Jazz flavour. They never embraced the angry bitch hating lyrics of their peers, which I could not stomach, but instead produced more soulful and jazz inspired music.

As a fan I couldn’t believe they were in Falmouth and I had to go, as a photographer I took my camera.

It was a really great night. Well done the Black Dog Haircutters for organising it, I feel privileged to be one of the one hundred people there.