Brew House – Anthony Greenwood Photography

Working again with the fantastic Anna Hart Design. This time photographing her newly finished design for Origin Coffee’s new coffee shop, The Brew House in Porthleven.


Physically it is a small shop, narrow and long. To get all of the shop into one photo we opted to use my 24mm tilt shift lens in portrait. I took 3 photos whilst shifting from left to right, adding extra light into the dark areas. The plan was to merge the three photos in Photoshop and deal with the raw data.


With the detail shots I used my 35mm to quickly move around the shop, adding additional flash or blocking excess ambient light with flags.


All the work was shot straight onto my laptop, this allowed Anna to instantly see the photos, and we could chat about the composition, lighting and quickly amend elements as necessary. Anna also new that when we walked away she had the photos she needed.


To see more of Anna’s work, please visit her website