Interior Photography

Interior Photography & Architectural Photography for Hotels. I have been working on perfecting my interior and architectural photography, in particular improving the lighting and detail of the final image. I have developed a technique to add additional lighting to areas of the image, which due…

Saffron Doughnut on a wooden board photographed at The Old Ale House, Truro.

Trewithen Clotted Christmas

The Trewithen Clotted Christmas shoot took place at the Old Ale House, Truro with Head Chef Jack Botha. Jack had created four dishes using Trewithen Dairy’s fantastic clotted cream as a main ingredient, which are now starring in the Clotted Christmas recipe book. The shoot…

Overhead photograph of Caterlink Sprinkles in the shape of their logo


Sprinkles is a photograph produced for Caterlink, it was made as a replica of their new logo. It will be used for the front cover of their 2015 product catalog. The sprinkles where stuck to a sheet of card using double side sticky tape.

Hooked - Absolute Design

Hooked – Anthony Greenwood Photography

great shoot for Absolute Design of their latest interior creation for the “Hooked” Restaurant in Truro.   I spent a couple of hours with Absolute’s interior designer working in Hooked’s restaurant. Absolute wanted to capture their design in pictures, for their own portfolio. It was…