Trewithen Dairy Food Shoot

Trewithen Food – Anthony Greenwood Photography

Working again with Trewithen Dairy and Absolute Design. This time on a food shoot to highlight their wonderful produce.


I spent a day working in the studio with fantastic stylist Doon Ram and the art direction of Helen Stephens, working on a bunch of photographs that would show off Trewithen Dairy’s product range in some home style settings. We wanted the photographs to have a vintage look using dark backdrops and vintage tableware. The stylist (Doon) was tasked with sourcing the items needed and helping out with the look and feel of the shoot. She did a great job.


Doon and I worked from photo to photo, prepping, dressing, tweaking, and lighting, always starting with a basic set up and building it up with the right props and lighting. The action shots of pouring milk etc were shot several times to get the right look of the pouring liquids. This was all made possible by shooting straight onto the computer, giving us an immediate large image as reference and helped us to sort out the composition and any adjustments. I used a bunch of lights and speedlights to create the atmosphere, with a host of soft boxes, grids, diffusion, bounce cards and mirrors. Each photo needed something different, which made it fun and challenging. I really love this type of work, it’s great to work in a team of creative people and have a creative brief from the client. I hope you like the photos.


The shoot was commissioned by Absolute Design for Trewithen Dairy