Cornwall Healthy Weight outing, group of people walking in the woods

Cornwall Healthy Weight

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Working again with the lovely Zephyr Creative ladies. We embarked on a fast paced photo shoot for their client Cornwall Healthy Weight. We had a great day shooting for Cornwall Healthy Weight’s (CHW)marketing campaign. Working all over Hayle, Helston, Pool and Gwithian. We had over 40 different people working with us as models and the great team from CHW.

The day was split up into various activities and classes that CHW deliver, using the models and lots of props.

Loved the day, although completely shattered by the end… sign of a good days work.

As always – great job Zephyr Creative, great art direction, great assisting and superb organisation


Portrait Anthony Greenwood

Made it in Cornwall – Anthony Greenwood Photography

The Combined Universities of Cornwall asked me to get involved with a project, titled “Made it in Cornwall”. With a project title like that the content is all pretty self-explanatory, but in the words of the University,


“There are hundreds of great careers to choose from here in Cornwall. We’ve picked 30 of them to give you some ideas about what people are currently doing in the county, how they have got to where they are now and what sort of qualifications they need to do their jobs. Everyone on this website has volunteered their time to share their story to help and inspire you to take your next steps. THEY’VE MADE IT IN CORNWALL – NOW IT’S YOUR TURN.”


What made it special for me was that I was on the other side of the lens, and boy did I sweat. With still cameras and video cameras pointing my way, I felt more than uncomfortable. Any how I said my piece and it was caught on video, it is available to view on the University website HERE. I still have not been able to watch it.



Trewithen Dairy Food Shoot

Trewithen Food – Anthony Greenwood Photography

[dropcaps color=’#ed1966′ background_color=’#bdb9b9′ border_color=” type=’square’]W[/dropcaps]orking again with Trewithen Dairy and Absolute Design. This time on a food shoot to highlight their wonderful produce.


I spent a day working in the studio with fantastic stylist Doon Ram and the art direction of Helen Stephens, working on a bunch of photographs that would show off Trewithen Dairy’s product range in some home style settings. We wanted the photographs to have a vintage look using dark backdrops and vintage tableware. The stylist (Doon) was tasked with sourcing the items needed and helping out with the look and feel of the shoot. She did a great job.


Doon and I worked from photo to photo, prepping, dressing, tweaking, and lighting, always starting with a basic set up and building it up with the right props and lighting. The action shots of pouring milk etc were shot several times to get the right look of the pouring liquids. This was all made possible by shooting straight onto the computer, giving us an immediate large image as reference and helped us to sort out the composition and any adjustments. I used a bunch of lights and speedlights to create the atmosphere, with a host of soft boxes, grids, diffusion, bounce cards and mirrors. Each photo needed something different, which made it fun and challenging. I really love this type of work, it’s great to work in a team of creative people and have a creative brief from the client. I hope you like the photos.


The shoot was commissioned by Absolute Design for Trewithen Dairy

Pure Gym – Anthony Greenwood Photography

[dropcaps color=’#ed1966′ background_color=’#bdb9b9′ border_color=” type=’square’]A[/dropcaps] trip to Bristol with Zephyr Creative shooting for Pure Gym.


What a rush, a crazy two days for Pure Gym in Bristol with seven professional models and the amazing team from Zephyr. Our task was to create a set of photographs for Pure Gym’s winter marketing campaign. We had a gym, we had the talented models, we had the lights and I hired in a D800, as we needed photographs that could be blown up to billboard size. I loved it, my next piece of kit.


The project took some planning and required some intense timeline activity to get it all to work. With planning till midnight the day before the shoot, finding the locations and preparing the props. A crazy day of shooting (6 hours seemed like 2) what we had planned and also some spontaneous stuff. Then fighting our way through the Bristol traffic to return hired equipment  at the end of the day. A truly epic project.


At the end of the day we had a great time and the clients were very happy. The results can be found here


For more info on Pure Gym and Zephyr Creative please view their websites &





Trewithen Dairy – Anthony Greenwood Photography

[dropcaps color=’#ed1966′ background_color=’#bdb9b9′ border_color=” type=’square’]I[/dropcaps]spent a crazy day with the happy, healthy cows of Trewithen Dairy at their home on Torpoint. Lucky I did not have to rise as early as Peter Blake the farmer and the herd, rather sauntered into work at a reasonable 9am. Those lucky cows were a joy to work with, although a little over excitable and super curious, maybe it’s all that sea air and fantastic sea views. Well I enjoyed both and they made the shoot pretty magical.


The day was split into various different shoots at differing locations around the farm. The first part was by far my favourite, working with a few cows out on a seaward facing field, getting some clean bovine portraits and group shots. I had the pleasure of escorting one of the lovely cows to the field, which was quite a funny experience in itself. Those milking cows are pretty big girls and if they do not want to move, they won’t, and if they decide to give you a push, you go flying. I did however manage to gently wrestle my way to the field with camera in hand and cow lovingly leaning on me.


The rest of the day was spent driving around the green fields of Stone Farm and shooting at pre-selected venues, trying to get some interesting angles and views points of Peter going about his day to day work, tending and caring for his herd. Lastly at 5pm we moved into the milking parlour and although in low light I photographed the process of milking.


The whole day was a great experience and one which opened my eyes to the inner workings of a dairy farm and the excellent work of Peter Blake and his team. I am especially grateful to the Trewithen cows, which weren’t at all shy and allowed me to take their picture. Here is a nice little fact about Trewithen you might not know “Trewithen Dairy works with 28 farms all within 25 miles of the dairy. Collectively those farmers supply Trewithen with fresh milk every day of the year and the care and commitment that goes into every pint is blatantly obvious.”


The shoot was commissioned by Absolute Design for Trewithen Dairy