Zephyr Creative – Anthony Greenwood Photography

T wo great half day shoots for Zephyr Creative, a very inventive design agency in Halye. These guys have a very fresh design approach and their clients seem to love it. I was tasked with supplying Zephyr Creative with photography for their new marketing push including their new website and promotional portfolio.


We had a great time in Gwithian where they are based and on Godrevy beach. Both shoots were held in the early afternoon and evening to make use of any creative light and long shadows. They provided me with a shot list and a mood board of styles that they wanted, which was great as I had a starting point to work from. As you would expect we went off brief when required to get some great shots, that is the beauty of a creative brief and working with creative people.


The style they required to their photographs was instagram esq, with vibrant colours, often bleached whites and sun bleed. This was all added in post-production, as my professional camera does not have a low-fi setting.


Zephyr Creative is owned by Jody Ward, she has a very innovative and professional team, who also have a lot of fun when they have time to kick back.


To see more of Zephyr Creative please visit their website http://www.zephyr-creative.com/