Portrait Anthony Greenwood

Made it in Cornwall – Anthony Greenwood Photography

The Combined Universities of Cornwall asked me to get involved with a project, titled “Made it in Cornwall”. With a project title like that the content is all pretty self-explanatory, but in the words of the University,


“There are hundreds of great careers to choose from here in Cornwall. We’ve picked 30 of them to give you some ideas about what people are currently doing in the county, how they have got to where they are now and what sort of qualifications they need to do their jobs. Everyone on this website has volunteered their time to share their story to help and inspire you to take your next steps. THEY’VE MADE IT IN CORNWALL – NOW IT’S YOUR TURN.”


What made it special for me was that I was on the other side of the lens, and boy did I sweat. With still cameras and video cameras pointing my way, I felt more than uncomfortable. Any how I said my piece and it was caught on video, it is available to view on the University website HERE. I still have not been able to watch it.