Interior Photography

Interior Photography & Architectural Photography for Hotels. I have been working on perfecting my interior and architectural photography, in particular improving the lighting and detail of the final image. I have developed a technique to add additional lighting to areas of the image, which due…

Overhead photograph of Caterlink Sprinkles in the shape of their logo


Sprinkles is a photograph produced for Caterlink, it was made as a replica of their new logo. It will be used for the front cover of their 2015 product catalog. The sprinkles where stuck to a sheet of card using double side sticky tape.

Burning memories

Crumbs – anthony greenwood Photography

Helen Gilchrist of Stranger Collective asked if I would get involved in her “crumbs” project. An idea based on the theory of Chinese whispers. The project passed a “crumb” to an artist, illustrator, writer, photographer and poet which they interpreted in their chosen medium and…

Portrait Anthony Greenwood

Made it in Cornwall – Anthony Greenwood Photography

The Combined Universities of Cornwall asked me to get involved with a project, titled “Made it in Cornwall”. With a project title like that the content is all pretty self-explanatory, but in the words of the University,   “There are hundreds of great careers to choose from…