Saffron Doughnut on a wooden board photographed at The Old Ale House, Truro.

Trewithen Clotted Christmas

The Trewithen Clotted Christmas shoot took place at the Old Ale House, Truro with Head Chef Jack Botha. Jack had created four dishes using Trewithen Dairy’s fantastic clotted cream as a main ingredient, which are now starring in the Clotted Christmas recipe book.

The shoot took place over half a day, in the month of November. Starring Jack’s marvelous recipes and also baubles, crackers and assorted Christmas decorations. Styling and set design by Excess Energy and myself with help from Jack. The photographs are now featuring in the Trewithen Clotted Christmas Recipe book, available for download here. I cannot recommend the food enough, especially the doughnut.

Cornwall Healthy Weight outing, group of people walking in the woods

Cornwall Healthy Weight

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Working again with the lovely Zephyr Creative ladies. We embarked on a fast paced photo shoot for their client Cornwall Healthy Weight. We had a great day shooting for Cornwall Healthy Weight’s (CHW)marketing campaign. Working all over Hayle, Helston, Pool and Gwithian. We had over 40 different people working with us as models and the great team from CHW.

The day was split up into various activities and classes that CHW deliver, using the models and lots of props.

Loved the day, although completely shattered by the end… sign of a good days work.

As always – great job Zephyr Creative, great art direction, great assisting and superb organisation


Portrait Anthony Greenwood

Made it in Cornwall – Anthony Greenwood Photography

The Combined Universities of Cornwall asked me to get involved with a project, titled “Made it in Cornwall”. With a project title like that the content is all pretty self-explanatory, but in the words of the University,


“There are hundreds of great careers to choose from here in Cornwall. We’ve picked 30 of them to give you some ideas about what people are currently doing in the county, how they have got to where they are now and what sort of qualifications they need to do their jobs. Everyone on this website has volunteered their time to share their story to help and inspire you to take your next steps. THEY’VE MADE IT IN CORNWALL – NOW IT’S YOUR TURN.”


What made it special for me was that I was on the other side of the lens, and boy did I sweat. With still cameras and video cameras pointing my way, I felt more than uncomfortable. Any how I said my piece and it was caught on video, it is available to view on the University website HERE. I still have not been able to watch it.



Creative Portraits – Anthony Greenwood Photography

[dropcaps color=’#ed1966′ background_color=’#bdb9b9′ border_color=” type=’square’]I[/dropcaps] ’ve been having some great fun on the last couple of  portrait shoots, two clients who wanted to insert a touch of personality into their staff’s portraits and in turn have something a little different on their website, creative portraits. I love it when clients want to do something a little different and injecting humour and creativity is a great way of doing it. It also quickly creates a fantastic mood for all involved in the shoot and produces memorable photographs. Although you do have to be careful not to go too far, nobody wants to look cheesy.


For me the real beauty of these shoots is the people and what they bring. I do not mean the american football helmet, Ferrari flag or woollen moustache and beard balaclava. It’s them, their personality and their enthusiasm to have a good time and create a great photo. It’s always a joint process, where we work together to get the best photo we can get. My job is to push them in the right direction and to let them know how they are getting on. Sometimes this is easy and sometimes a little difficult but everybody warms up in the end.


Both shoots where on location using studio equipment, with a backdrop and studio strobes. I used a really large diffused umbrella as the main light and a large soft-box for the fill light. This combination gave the photos a very bright and clean look with a really soft light; great for making people look as lovely as possible.




Print – Anthony Greenwood Photography

[dropcaps color=’#ed1966′ background_color=’#bdb9b9′ border_color=” type=’square’]I[/dropcaps]was asked recently to photograph Absolute Design’s printed design work. They have accumulated quite a collection of items from past projects. Which has kept me busy over the last month. Included in the collection are letterheads, business cards, brochures, pamphlets and other items each individually designed for their clients.


I wanted to give each collection an individual look. I also wanted to source different backgrounds and props that were appropriate to each collection. This took a bit of time but I feel adds to the photographs.


I really enjoy this type of photography and this Print photography was great. You get a chance to play and tweak lighting and props to best enhance the products. The research and the prep can also be fun, especially when you are trying to create the individual looks. Although doing so many in such a short space of time was a bit of a challenge, but good results.


These will all be uploaded onto Absolute Design’s website over the next couple of months