Print – Anthony Greenwood Photography

Iwas asked recently to photograph Absolute Design’s printed design work. They have accumulated quite a collection of items from past projects. Which has kept me busy over the last month. Included in the collection are letterheads, business cards, brochures, pamphlets and other items each individually designed for their clients.


I wanted to give each collection an individual look. I also wanted to source different backgrounds and props that were appropriate to each collection. This took a bit of time but I feel adds to the photographs.


I really enjoy this type of photography and this Print photography was great. You get a chance to play and tweak lighting and props to best enhance the products. The research and the prep can also be fun, especially when you are trying to create the individual looks. Although doing so many in such a short space of time was a bit of a challenge, but good results.


These will all be uploaded onto Absolute Design’s website over the next couple of months