Overhead photograph of Caterlink Sprinkles in the shape of their logo


Sprinkles is a photograph produced for Caterlink, it was made as a replica of their new logo. It will be used for the front cover of their 2015 product catalog. The sprinkles where stuck to a sheet of card using double side sticky tape.


Print – Anthony Greenwood Photography

was asked recently to photograph Absolute Design’s printed design work. They have accumulated quite a collection of items from past projects. Which has kept me busy over the last month. Included in the collection are letterheads, business cards, brochures, pamphlets and other items each individually…


MARK Product – Anthony Greenwood Photography

 ver the last couple of months I have been working with MARK Product, shooting their fantastic furniture for their 2013/14 advertising campaign.   I have worked with them now three times both on location and in the studio. For the shoots MARK Product (John Miller…


iNkfish Interior – Anthony Greenwood Photography

recent architectural interiors commission for Absolute Design was of InkFish Hair Design Group’s salon, in Truro, Cornwall. InkFish’s Salon was recently redesigned by Absolute Design’s interior design team, with a minimalistic and contemporary design in black and white, with feature professional salon chairs designed by Porsche. The shoot was an early…


Joe Morris’s Art – Anthony Greenwood Photography

oe Morris’s Art is beautifully simple and thought provoking. I met Joe recently and a conversation started about art and photography (for those that do not know I was trained as a painter). Joe’s methods are clean and minimalist using simple materials and techniques, a…

South Westerly - Anthony Greenwood Photography

South Westerly – Anthony Greenwood Photography

wo commercial photography shoots now for South Westerly, both in Cornwall and both on the beach. Not a bad job!   South Westerly produce branded and unbranded windbreaks for commercial and domestic use. Their branded marketing windbreaks are great for commercial clients to cleverly advertise on…