Joe Morris’s Art – Anthony Greenwood Photography

Joe Morris’s Art is beautifully simple and thought provoking. I met Joe recently and a conversation started about art and photography (for those that do not know I was trained as a painter). Joe’s methods are clean and minimalist using simple materials and techniques, a complete contrast to my abstracts of old. below is an extract from his blog.


“Joe Morris is an artist based in North Cornwall. His innovative use of Tadelakt, a traditional form of polished lime plaster from Morocco, results in unique and arresting artworks. The plaster is coloured with pigments, applied to board, and burnished to a sheen. Joe has developed his own techniques to create varied visual effects, carving into the finished surface, or mixing colours when the plaster is wet. The finished pieces appear to have a solid, sculptural feel, but also retain the delicacy of abstract paintings.”


More examples of Joe Morris’s Art can be found at


The conversation led onto a photography brief to shoot his work, which I undertook for him. I really like Joe’s work it has a strong sense of serenity and contemplation to it, very beautiful. Please see the results for yourself.