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MARK Adverts – Anthony Greenwood Photography

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I have been working with Anna and John (MARK Product) for a while now. Helping them with imagery for their 2013/14 marketing campaign. We are in the process of photographing four full page advertisements which are going out in trade magazines. To date we have shot two of the four advertisements, staring The Verso Chair and Mylo/Mycroft Chair. MARK Adverts will appear over the next coming months in On Office magazine.  


The photos taken so far are a culmination of several photographs. With each photograph adding a small element to the final image, variants in exposure and movements of lights. We spent around two hours tweaking and lighting each composition. Making sure we had the right photo to promote the product, which would also fit the proposed layout and meet MARK’s brand guidelines.


I love working with MARK on their product shoots. They are keen to get the very best they can and are happy to keep working on the details until it is just right. When going to work with them I already know what is needed and how much time I have to work on the photo. Generally a 2 hour shoot will cover one hero shot and one or two quicker detail shots. This way of working gets the best results.


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