MARK Product – Anthony Greenwood Photography

O ver the last couple of months I have been working with MARK Product, shooting their fantastic furniture for their 2013/14 advertising campaign.


I have worked with them now three times both on location and in the studio. For the shoots MARK Product (John Miller and Anna Hart) had a very definite look they wanted and plans where already laid out for the full page adverts. It was my job to help with the composition and light the furniture appropriately to the brief and appropriate to the furniture, highlighting textures, materials, shapes and contours.


I have really enjoyed working with Anna and John due to the nature of their business. As some of you may know I have qualifications in Product Design and have over time developed several pieces of my own. So these shoots always take me right back to the time when I used to scrutinise over the exact curve, the right fittings etc. I also believe that this past experience helps me to see (in some part) through the same eyes as John and Anna, picking out the features that they have spent so long detailing.


We have plans for several other shoots in early 2014 with three more full page advertisements going into industry magazines. As you would expect I am very much looking forward to these.


If you would like to see more of MARK Product please visit their website