Natural Shadows

Natural Shadows – Anthony Greenwood Photography

IĀ have been working with several product companies over the last year and providing them with pack shots (product shot on a white background). I have found that each client has their own requirements and ask for their photographs to be delivered in different ways. From a flat Jpeg to a straight forward cut-out supplied as a PSD file, great for dropping into an Illustrator or Indesign layout. Finally the way I particularly like, is the cut-out withĀ additionalĀ natural shadows. Which I believe really helps to ground the product and does not leave it floating in thin air.


With my particular favourite method of Pack Shot delivery, the PSD files areĀ supplied with several layers. Each having the optionĀ ofĀ beingĀ turned on or off as required. Firstly the cut-out layer, which holds the main product image. The second layer holds the shadow detail. This layer is translucent allowing layers behind it to show through, making it usable with not just a white background, but any colour, pattern or text layer. Finally the background layer, this is usually white (commonly asked for), but as mentioned before, any colour is possible.


The finalĀ files give my clients lots of options when it comes to their layouts, which they appreciate.Ā The photographs below show the various layers and options, with varying coloured/patterned backgrounds.


Photograph taken for Journeyman FurnitureĀ