Creative Portraits – Anthony Greenwood Photography

I ’ve been having some great fun on the last couple of  portrait shoots, two clients who wanted to insert a touch of personality into their staff’s portraits and in turn have something a little different on their website, creative portraits. I love it when clients want to do something a little different and injecting humour and creativity is a great way of doing it. It also quickly creates a fantastic mood for all involved in the shoot and produces memorable photographs. Although you do have to be careful not to go too far, nobody wants to look cheesy.


For me the real beauty of these shoots is the people and what they bring. I do not mean the american football helmet, Ferrari flag or woollen moustache and beard balaclava. It’s them, their personality and their enthusiasm to have a good time and create a great photo. It’s always a joint process, where we work together to get the best photo we can get. My job is to push them in the right direction and to let them know how they are getting on. Sometimes this is easy and sometimes a little difficult but everybody warms up in the end.


Both shoots where on location using studio equipment, with a backdrop and studio strobes. I used a really large diffused umbrella as the main light and a large soft-box for the fill light. This combination gave the photos a very bright and clean look with a really soft light; great for making people look as lovely as possible.