Lifestyle at School – Anthony Greenwood Photography

Working with schools is fantastic, rewarding and a lot of fun. 


I was asked by a local headteacher to help them out with photography for their website and marketing materials. I was commissioned to spend a day at school working on set up shots and in and out of classrooms shooting lifestyle shots.  I had to work fairly quickly and with light weight kit. Portable flash on a stand and a range of prime lens and flash triggers. Obviously disruption to the school day and speed to get from place to place was key.


The kids were brilliant, with everybody wanted to be in every shot, it made me laugh. I had to set them tasks and trick them to get them from just standing in front of the camera. A fun day! I walked around looking for good quality light and filling in the harsh shadows with flash. The school was full of colours and activities, a joy to photograph. Although I always felt that I was missing something fantastic happening in the next classroom.


I left them with 150ish selected photographs to work with, I look forward to seeing their new website soon.