Trewithen Dairy – Anthony Greenwood Photography

Ispent a crazy day with the happy, healthy cows of Trewithen Dairy at their home on Torpoint. Lucky I did not have to rise as early as Peter Blake the farmer and the herd, rather sauntered into work at a reasonable 9am. Those lucky cows were a joy to work with, although a little over excitable and super curious, maybe it’s all that sea air and fantastic sea views. Well I enjoyed both and they made the shoot pretty magical.


The day was split into various different shoots at differing locations around the farm. The first part was by far my favourite, working with a few cows out on a seaward facing field, getting some clean bovine portraits and group shots. I had the pleasure of escorting one of the lovely cows to the field, which was quite a funny experience in itself. Those milking cows are pretty big girls and if they do not want to move, they won’t, and if they decide to give you a push, you go flying. I did however manage to gently wrestle my way to the field with camera in hand and cow lovingly leaning on me.


The rest of the day was spent driving around the green fields of Stone Farm and shooting at pre-selected venues, trying to get some interesting angles and views points of Peter going about his day to day work, tending and caring for his herd. Lastly at 5pm we moved into the milking parlour and although in low light I photographed the process of milking.


The whole day was a great experience and one which opened my eyes to the inner workings of a dairy farm and the excellent work of Peter Blake and his team. I am especially grateful to the Trewithen cows, which weren’t at all shy and allowed me to take their picture. Here is a nice little fact about Trewithen you might not know “Trewithen Dairy works with 28 farms all within 25 miles of the dairy. Collectively those farmers supply Trewithen with fresh milk every day of the year and the care and commitment that goes into every pint is blatantly obvious.”


The shoot was commissioned by Absolute Design for Trewithen Dairy