Pure Gym – Anthony Greenwood Photography

A trip to Bristol with Zephyr Creative shooting for Pure Gym.


What a rush, a crazy two days for Pure Gym in Bristol with seven professional models and the amazing team from Zephyr. Our task was to create a set of photographs for Pure Gym’s winter marketing campaign. We had a gym, we had the talented models, we had the lights and I hired in a D800, as we needed photographs that could be blown up to billboard size. I loved it, my next piece of kit.


The project took some planning and required some intense timeline activity to get it all to work. With planning till midnight the day before the shoot, finding the locations and preparing the props. A crazy day of shooting (6 hours seemed like 2) what we had planned and also some spontaneous stuff. Then fighting our way through the Bristol traffic to return hired equipment  at the end of the day. A truly epic project.


At the end of the day we had a great time and the clients were very happy. The results can be found here www.zephyr-creative.com/puregym


For more info on Pure Gym and Zephyr Creative please view their websites www.puregym.com & www.zephyr-creative.com