Hooked - Absolute Design

Hooked – Anthony Greenwood Photography

A great shoot for Absolute Design of their latest interior creation for the “Hooked” Restaurant in Truro.


I spent a couple of hours with Absolute’s interior designer working in Hooked’s restaurant. Absolute wanted to capture their design in pictures, for their own portfolio. It was a fairly standard shoot, shooting as I do straight onto the laptop, which gave the designer the confidence that we captured what was needed. For me I have the added benefit of viewing images at much higher dimensions than the screen on the back of the camera. Fantastic when you are concerned about composition, fractional movement of furniture and delicate lighting.


We shot all over the restaurant, shooting as many angles and details as we could. One of the items that stood out was a large graphic across the back wall, which needed to documented, this in my mind was the making of the hero shot and need to be caught as large as possible (see above). As expected this one needed a bit of setting up and staging to get it right. A quick straightening of the furniture, removing any unnecessary items. Checking exposures and then shooting. I used a 24mm tilt-shift and captured this photo in two frames, using the tilt-shift in interiors photography allows me to capture the largest photograph possible. Much larger than a standard wide angle lens and with a very noticeable improvement in distortion.


As always check out Absolute at www.absolutedesign.co.uk and if you are in the market for a tasty fishy dish, pop along to Hooked www.hookedcornwall.com


Watch out for lobsters in the corner.