Game Food – Anthony Greenwood Photography

Ireceived a call from Thomas Forster of Game Food, a specialist street chef who provides connoisseur burgers and other tasty delights.


He had a rushed job and needed food photography shots for his business. This lead to a flying visit by me to meet him and for Thomas to heat up the barbecue. For this quick shoot we just focused on the food. Later we will be setting up a staged shoot to capture the preparation, the cooking, his clientele enjoying the food, his new stand (which is taking shape) and of course the food, and maybe a portrait of Thomas.


Now, jobs like this are a real treat for several reasons. One – Thomas has a passion for his craft, you can see how much he loves cooking. His passion for using the finest ingredients and flair for creating original flavour combination. All dished up with homemade chutneys and relishes. Two – His passion for his business, his drive to take it forward and reach his goals. And finally three – you knew this one was coming, food, I got to enjoy Thomas’s work and sample all of the food we photographed. Which was not a chore. Who is up for a barbecue? Game Food a real treat.


The shoot took two hours. Photographed outside to give it an authentic look. The sky was overcast but bright and provided fantastic soft shadows. We added a small percentage of flash to give a little extra light. Shot with a Nikon D700, 135mm lens and speedlights.